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Got Motivated Again: Further Thoughts on Cosby

Posted by telecommatt on December 31, 1969

This morning, I was discussing the Get Motivated conference with my father. We had both attended the conference and really haven’t had time to sit down and share thoughts on what we heard. In particular, we were talking about Bill Cosby. We both agreed that, out of everyone who took the stage that day, it was Bill Cosby’s talk that we took the most away from. I talked about Cosby in my other post about the conference here.

He did a bit on butterflies and moths that was hilarious. Behind the laughter, there was some really powerful stuff going on. Basically, moths are dull, boring, and stupid.They run into bug zappers and how play kamakazi with cars. “Now this is how you stop a car! Bzzzzzz…splat!!” He obvioulsy has issues with moths running into his car. Or, he probably knew that all that stuff about moths would make people laugh harder. Butterflies, on the other hand, are bright and beautiful and they spend their time bobbing from flower to flower. There was a bit more, but what is came down to was, “Are you going to be a moth or a butterfly?”

What I got out of this was potential. But not just the regular “You have the potential to become successful” stuff. I think he was aiming deeper than that. I think his whole talk was aiming deeper than that. I belive he was talking about who you could be, while most of the audience was listening for what they could be. Cosby’s message was pretty clear in my mind: You can’t be successful unless you be yourself first. So, with the butterflies, he was asking who are you going to be? Are you going to be a moth and believe that you can stop the next car? Or are you going to be a butterfly and spend your life moving from flower to flower? In other words, are you going to chase after success like it’s a moving car, or are you going to be success and enjoy the flowers?

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