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Understanding and Evaluating Carbon Offset Programs

Posted by telecommatt on September 30, 2006

Understanding and Evaluating Carbon Offset Programs

Q: What are carbon offsets? How do I choose among the
organizations and companies that sell them? And is buying carbon
offsets the best way for me to help the environment?

A: Carbon offsets are a way for anyone who drives a car, turns on a
light or takes a plane to “offset” their carbon dioxide emissions by
investing in a green project aimed at reducing the CO2 in the
atmosphere. Some of the investments offered by offset organizations: A
wind farm in Nebraska, a sewage facility in Thailand and a biomass
plant in Minnesota powered by the methane from cow manure.

Carbon Offsetting has become a major buzzword. Once reserved for discussions on the environmental impact of big business, it has trickled down to the consumer level. But does it work? Can we trust that our money is actually working for the environment? As of yet, there is little to no regulation or even standardization among consumer carbon offset companies. This article offers a pretty good overview as well as links to sites and companies on the web. Worth a read so check it out!

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