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Ignorance in the Classroom

Posted by telecommatt on October 1, 2006

About:Blank » My English Teacher on Wikipedia and Torture

On 9/29/06, my English teacher (we shall call her Mrs. S), said “Wikipedia is for children and the computer illiterate”. A few days earlier after I made a comment on Bush’s position on torture, she said laughingly “No one was tortured…” I wish a thousand times over that I had had my voice recorder when she said these comments.

  • Seriously, it is so sad to read an article like this! Wikipedia is such a landmark accomplishment, and to attack it with such ignorance, and then to stand in front of a classroom and say this?? It’s not that I’m in love with Wikipedia so much as that I believe the concept is so powerful and so full of potential in this new connected world that we are moving into. – post by telecommatt

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