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Eco Challenge: One Diet Shower Please

Posted by telecommatt on October 2, 2006

Early last month, I did some thinking about how much CO2 is used to heat our water. I didn’t go as far as calculating the cost of my average 6-7 minute shower. (I’m a geek, not an engineer…) I did, however, notice that our water heater is the most carbon-hungry appliance in our home. And I noticed that one thing I do consistently that uses rather a lot of hot water is shower. Thankfully, I did not decide to stop showering. Instead, I set out a challenge for myself. Could I turn off the water when was I showering for two days each week? Turn on water, water down, turn off water, soap up really fast, turn on water, rinse, turn off water, dry off really, really fast. Don’t look at me like that, it works! After all, when I was living in Dublin, Ireland it was not so uncommon to do this, as many people pay per minute of hot water use- something I found irritatingly difficult to remember until we got the bill each month. Somehow, now that I’m back in the US, my body seems to know that this is not normal. So, I’m starting small. But so far, my average shower-on time is just over two minutes. Over the course of the year, that ‘s104 showers that will be about 66% shorter, and therefore pump 66% less CO2 into our air. And with Summer on it’s way, may I can bump it up to three or four showers a week! Think I can do it? Think you can do it?

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