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You paid what for that?!

Posted by telecommatt on October 5, 2006

5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On When Starting a Business » Instigator Blog

  • I think this is a great post! Simple advice that goes a long way. I tagged this because of his bit on software. I’ve said it over and over again that there is no longer a need for people and even businesses to go out and buy expensive software packages. Open source is an amazingly efficient concept! Tell me your needs and I’ll find the software that fits and is free. And if you’re still hell-bent on spending money on software, go open source and have a developer tailor software to meet your specific needs. Or send me a check and I’ll manage your software for you… – post by telecommatt
Software. I’m not advocating the use of pirated software, but there are plenty of online tools that are inexpensive or free, and can be just as effective for starting up your business as more traditional software. Ex. Google Spreadsheets, Writely, Blinksale, StikiPad, Skype

One Response to “You paid what for that?!”

  1. Hey there — glad you liked the post. I hope someone takes you up on your offer to find them the right, free solution!

    Best of luck…and I hope we’ll see you at Instigator Blog!

    (Write a “5 things post!”)

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