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Your blog at

Posted by telecommatt on October 29, 2006

Domain Registration and Mapping «

Domain Registration and Mapping «

It’s here: you can now use your own custom domain with your blog. For example, if your blog was currently at you could buy from us and we would automatically move your blog over and redirect all your links and readers to the new domain.

  • This is pretty sweet. You can have your domain mapped to your address. Seeing how flexible the blogging platform is becoming, this looks like it would make a viable option for those who want a .com domain but don’t want to have to worry about permissions and ftp and all the rest. At $10 to $15 a year, it looks very very good. (After saying all that, however, I think I’ll still hang out at my domain for a while…) – post by telecommatt

One Response to “Your blog at”

  1. Stephen Hughes said

    Hope you’re enjoying your culpa Matt!
    I’m thinking of moving my site to a .com – but would like all of my hits to move also – so what my fist customer looks at my new site the hit counter will simply carry on and won’t display 0001
    Whats my chances?

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