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Matt’s Cuppa Autopost 11/07/2006

Posted by telecommatt on November 7, 2006

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future

  • I’ve seen some luke-warm reviews about this site, but I really like the idea. Products and services that are good for the environment, plus eco news. eHub blog has a better description than mine, but go to this site, let me know what you think. – post by telecommatt

Welcome to Gone Raw!

  • Raw food and vegan recipes. This is pretty sweet, at least if you don’t eat meat. Given that I’m trying to back of the beef (and pork, and chicken, etc.) I can’t wait to rip into this! – post by telecommatt Global Warming News, Science, Myths, Articles

  • Global warming blog with short, but to the point posts. – post by telecommatt Importing Diversity: Inside Japan’s JET Program: Books: David L. McConnell

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