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Matt’s Cuppa Autopost 11/25/2006

Posted by telecommatt on November 25, 2006

American Chronicle: Is Fibromyalgia a Disease, a Collection of Symptoms, or is It All in Your Head?  Annotated(1)

  • WHO classifies FM as a diease.
     – post by telecommatt
There is no debate as to the validity of fibromyalgia as a disease. In fact, the World health Organization has recognized the disease for many years. It is the diagnosis that is debatable.

    I want a Firefox Extension to … 200+ common problems solved : eConsultant

       – post by telecommatt

    Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Remote Control Mail: Check Your Postal Mail on the Web  Annotated(1)

      Kirkland, Washington based company Document Command Inc. has launched its consumer facing web interface for postal mail called Remote Control Mail. The service provides an alternative to PO Boxes, mail forwarding or waiting until you get home from the road to deal with your mail.

        Zoho Virtual Office  Annotated(1)

        • A pretty sweet “Online Collabaration Suite.” I’ve shifted from Writely to Zoho Writer and Zoho Creator, although a bit slow, is flat-out an awesome web application builder. And mostly, it’s free.
           – post by telecommatt

        Online Collabaration Suite

          Get smart: Top 10 research tools – Internet

          • I have to agree with most of their choices, esp Diigo & Google. They have a good point about Brittanica too.
             – post by telecommatt

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