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Saturday afternoon cuppa

Posted by telecommatt on November 25, 2006

Product Listing – Darjeeling


My cuppa this afternoon is a Darjeeling, and I’m being slightly unfair because it is not one that is available online yet. In a sense that doesn’t matter though, because when you taste a good Darjeeling, you always know it’s a Darjeeling. There is a subtle royalty to a Darjeeling, a muted and unassuming royalty. It’s not a flashy tea. I guess when I think of a flashy tea, I think of some Assams I’ve tasted that are real reach-out-and-grab-you teas with very intense  up front taste. A good Darjeeling doesn’t grab hold of your tongue quite like that, but there is an amazing complexity to the taste of a good Darjeeling. You’ll notice the different flavor components actually roll across your tongue as you sip, and you’ll certainly notice how the flavor changes from the beginning to the middle and end of your sip. I could sit here writing about the euphoria of drinking Darjeeling all afternoon without seeming to come to a point, so I’ll cut myself short. My point is this: Excellent Darjeeling teas are in a class all by themselves. Serving an excellent Darjeeling tea will set you apart. But don’t attempt to get any work done with a cup of excellent Darjeeling on hand – you’ll soon find yourself lost in the complexities of the taste and you’ll accomplish little else! (In fact,  I had to finish my cuppa  before I could finish this post!!)


Matthew Murphy

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2 Responses to “Saturday afternoon cuppa”

  1. Benoy said

    Hello, liked your post on Darjeeling tea and especially “because when you taste a good Darjeeling, you always know it’s a Darjeeling”. Goodluck to you n your endeavors. Benoy

  2. Benoy,

    Thank you for your nice comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I hope that I can continue to please you with my writing. You can find more articles on tea written or prefaced by me at if you like.


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