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A Cup of Tea vs. The Experience of the Cuppa

Posted by telecommatt on December 5, 2006

New studies have found that green tea is good for the skin and may even contribute to a longer life. The Early Show medical contributor Dr. Emily Senay the latest research adds to the growing body of evidence that green tea is good for you.

Not that this is a surprise to my fellow tea drinkers, but more and more studies are showing that tea, especially green tea, is really healthy stuff! I tagged this article really for a different reason though. The article was on the site today for the CBS News Early Show. I find it very exciting that tea is showing up so often in our mainstream western culture now. Call it healthy, sexy, chic, whatever you’re reason for your cuppa, you no longer have to be a closet tea drinker. And people are moving up in their expectations of what tea should be. Someone who calls themselves a tea drinker seldom settles for grocery store teas. Specialty teas sell very well now, and coffee shops often serve loose teas as well. Ultimately, however, very few of those coffee shop tea drinkers will rise to the level of the fine and rare teas that we sell at The Tea Shop, but occasionally one or two of those will feel drawn to finer teas in the same way that one might be drawn to select wines. I’ve thought about this for some time, and I believe that there is a point when one suddenly realizes that tea is an experience rather than a drink. It is a point when tea becomes sacred and your tea time is something that you protect from the rest of your day. Suddenly, “a cup of tea” includes the sound of the water boiling, the aroma of the steam when it first hits the leaves, the feel of the warm cup in your hands, and, of course, the taste of the tea itself. Now, you don’t get that from every cup, and you wouldn’t want to. You’d be numb from the over-experience. But once you get that little itch that tells you there might be more to your tea than what you’ve got in your hand, you’ve started on the path towards the experience of the cuppa. It’s a peak. It’s truly like nothing else. The mainstream popularity of tea is exciting and the health benefits are undeniable, but we are here at The Tea Shop to share an experience, rather than simply a cup of tea — It’s the unmistakable experience of the cuppa.

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