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Bush sleeps through execution – World – Times Online

Posted by telecommatt on January 3, 2007

Bush sleeps through execution – World – Times Online

President Bush slept through the execution of Saddam Hussein in an effort to distance himself from the killing of the Iraqi tyrant whom he once described as “the man who tried to kill my Dad”.

What a role model for the Free World. While I can see the President’s point of view, I have two thoughts that came screaming through my brain when I read this. First, take some responsibility! Okay, you don’t want to become emotionally involved with a painful experience, and you don’t want the world to think that this is an act of war or vengence. Bad news for you. Your war put him in prison to be tried and executed. And it WAS an act of war! (Remember that “War on Terror” you keep cutting our budgets to fund?)

Secondly, sleep is an escape. If you really want some emotional healing from the whole assassination-attempt-thing, try praying, or meditating, or going for a walk, or signing the Kyoto accord.

2 Responses to “Bush sleeps through execution – World – Times Online”

  1. this guy … this dubya … he just doesn’t care

    Bush’s democracy for one is the most self-driven political attack on the world i have ever even thought could happen … the great decider has single-handedly derailed the nation and the world with his pre-emptive empire building shenanigans, and unfortunately there is noone that will ultimately sit him on a chair for a time out until the bitter end

    as maniacal as this idea seems … part of me would want to force Bush to run again in 2008 … i know he would lose the election, but he should almost be personally responsible for turning things around and fixing the mess he’s made

  2. It seems almost as if Mr.President has started listening to public opinion, both on Iraq and on the environment. I commend him on his handling of the 9/11 tragedy. Part of me also would like to see Bush elected again to see if he can turn things around. By biggest fear is a political pendulum effect now that power has shifted to the Dems. They are have good momentum right now, but I think that all our politicians really need to focus. I fear getting stuck in a “we must undo what Bush did” mentality.

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