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Gulfnews: Look for the bear necessities

Posted by telecommatt on January 3, 2007

Gulfnews: Look for the bear necessities

The US, whose present administration is a vociferous opponent of signing treaties or protocols on such global concerns, has at last tilted its hat in that direction. It has decided to list polar bears as threatened species because the accelerating loss of arctic ice is destroying the bears hunting platform. It is like treating the symptom and not the cause. Certainly polar bears should be protected, but there is so much other life that needs protection because it is threatened. The whole of mankind, for example.

Can you tell I’m on a rant today? I love this, I truly do. Let’s protect the polar bears! But what about the other bears? And the deer and the antelope and all that? And wait… what about protecting us?? Mr. President, if you’re out there, sign the damn Kyoto accord…

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