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Saving the planet begins at home

Posted by telecommatt on January 7, 2007

Saving the planet begins at home

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused – and even avoidant – when told that you can help save the planet by saving energy in your home.”Maintaining the status quo is always easier than changing,” said Cameron P. Wake, associate professor at the Climate Change Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. “It takes effort to get over the hump,” he said.

But once you lower your energy consumption, “You save money and you start dealing with this huge monkey on our back which is climate change,” he said. “If every household in America does it, it’s really significant. A little bit is going to get us moving in the right direction.”

I have to applaud this article, even though you have to fill out an annoying demographics form to read the entire thing. (The form is short…) Seriously, all of this “save the planet” stuff starts with what we do at home. Do we throw it or recycle it? Is it reusable? It’s a bit blockheaded to go out and tell people not to cut down those trees if we are changing ourselves first. We have to start with ourselves and work our way outwards. And so many of those around-the-house things are so easy. My wife and started by replacing half the lightbulbs in our house with long lasting energy saving bulbs and by unplugging the TV when we’re going to work or to bed. Remember those polar bears that we put on the endangered list? We can save them right here, right now, in our homes.

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