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We Dugg It!

Posted by telecommatt on January 21, 2007

I’m posting from a ski lodge right now. I have so many items I’ve clipped to blog about sitting in my inbox right now, but this one I am so excited about that I had to sit down and post about it now. So, the town of Media, PA seems like a pretty kickin’ place to live. Its billing itsef as a fair-trade town. Like fair-trade coffee, that means fair wages and minimal environmental impact. Cheers to the residents of Media for committing to this! But that’s not it. This story gets even cooler! When I picked up on this story it was number 3 on This makes it one of the most popular socially recommended stories on the internet at the time I’m writing this! I think that this really shows the impact recent environmental news has had, and I’m so excited! Does this possibly mean that we’ve turned a social corner and that we’re finally ready to take on the damage we’ve done environmentally and socially? On the other hand, it could just mean that geeks are concerned about the environment too. And hey, I’m cool with that.

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