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Sprint (Together with Nextel) Gives Me a Headache!

Posted by telecommatt on January 24, 2007

Okay, so one week ago today, at about 11am, my mobile phone decide that I no longer needed to access the internet. Nevermind the fact that 90% of what I do is on the internet. Seriously, I never call anyone and no one ever calls me. So I call Sprint. I do some troubleshooting that requires me to push a lot of buttons, none of which solve the problem, and I’m told that a ticket has been created for my issue. Actually, it’s Sprint’s issue, but I don’t care as long as it’s fixed. I’m told an engineer will call me. Okay, I wait for a call. Two days later, when my patience runs out and I call them, I’m told that my ticket auto-completed and, are you still experiencing the same issue? Umm, yes, hence my call. I press more buttons, reset my phone a few times, and then get another ticket created for me. This time I do get a call from an engineer. I can’t take the call, so I get a cheery message telling me that if restarting my handset doesn’t work I’ll have to reset my phone (with all 200 contacts) back to factory default settings. WTF?! My next stop is a local Sprint repair shop so they can back up my contacts before I wipe out my handset. Luckily, I brought my Nokia 770. After sitting in the showroom for an hour and a half connected to someone else’s WiFi and blogging, I’m told that they can’t read my phone. Again, WTF?! But, there is an online backup service I can subscribe to for an additional monthly fee. Sign me up! Fifteen minutes later, again on the phone with Sprint, they figure out my handset isn’t compatible. Thrice WTF?! It’s a bloody A920, I’m not stuck in the ’90’s. Then she tells me about this OTHER service that is more expensive, but has more features and holds more numbers. I DON’T CARE AS LONG AS IT BACKS UP MY CONTACTS. Which it does not. I get this new service set up only to find you have to manually enter your contacts through a web interface. Exactly what I was not looking for. Back to square one. I have no internet acess and Sprint can’t help me backup my contacts. Then, yesterday, a Sprint engineer calls me. Again I can’t talk. (Like most people, I have a job during the day, and troubleshooting my phone is not in my job descritpion.) She tells me that my ticket has been closed, but she will leave further troubleshooting instructions on my account for the next time I call in. Sigh. I called today and stated that the engineer left troubleshooting instructions on my account. The rep asks me what problem I’m experiencing. By now I’ve had it. There had better be notes a mile long on my account! Well, as we’re talking I’m showing her how when I do this, I get this error, and when I do this, I get this error, and OMG I’m on the internet! And no one seems to know what fixed it! Hell, if I were her, I’d have at least taken the credit. So here’s how the story ends. No one knows what caused the problem, so I can’t just not do whatever it was again, and no one knows what fixed it in case it ever happens again. Thank you for calling Sprint (together with Nextel)!

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  1. […] be supported. (It’s still not…) This seems like a really sweet service! After my last horrific mess with Sprint I would really really like an easy way to back up my mobile contacts. I sent them an email asking […]

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