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MPR: Minnesota may be on verge of

Posted by telecommatt on February 4, 2007

MPR: Minnesota may be on verge of “energy revolution”
Minnesota is poised to have the strongest renewable energy standard in the country. A committee in the Minnesota Senate unanimously approved a bill that would require utility companies to get at least a quarter of their energy from renewable sources after a wide variety of interests reached an agreement on the bill late Thursday.

I noticed early yesterday that 6 of the top 10 items tagged on Technorati had to do with climate change. While one the one hand, this sort of coverage is fantastic (It’s nice to see “the war on terror” eclipsed by something else newsworthy!), I fear that over-coverage by the media could create a public backlash by people who are simply sick of hearing about it all. Is being green a fad, or is it here to stay? It’s heartening to see that some policy-makers treating the issue as a permenant one. While it would be nice to see this bill have some visible effect in the next few years, energy utilities are given until 2025 to fully comply. That seems like a long time time coming, and I hope we don’t have to wait until this century is a quarter over with, in its own way it makes the current renewanble energy fad a bit more renewable itself by forcing policy-makers to continually evaluate our progress toward a renewable future.

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