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EPA looks to increase computer efficiency – Top Stories

Posted by telecommatt on February 22, 2007

EPA looks to increase computer efficiency – Top Stories

Two percent of total energy consumption in the nation goes to keeping its 180 million computers humming, according to EPA estimates. The energy necessary to power that many computers running will generate more than 84 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually, according to a study by Massachusetts-based Tufts University’s Climate Initiative, a global warming studies program.

According to the study, a single computer running around the clock pumps 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Ouch! I never realized that being a geek had so much an affect on my carbon footprint! Not to mention, I work in a call center environment, so lets take that 1500 pounds of CO2 and multiply that a few hundred times, shall we? In the next few years, larger companies will probably purchase new, energy-efficient machines that will help some, but what happens to their older not-energy-efficient ones? These often find their way into schools, small companies, even homes as refurbs or tax write-offs. Better than ending up on a landfill, to be sure, but it makes one realize that just because we stop using an inefficient product doesn’t mean that the product has stopped being inefficient. We will be seeing these machines chug out 1500 pounds of CO2 for years to come!

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