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Diigo and the Social Web

Posted by telecommatt on February 24, 2007

I just noticed that there has been no Diigo Auo-Post since, oh, Feb, 4th! Sorry about that all! For some reason the job I set up has stopped jobbing. I think I’ve corrected it. Also, I made some changes to my sidebar. You can quicky view my last 10 Diigo bookmarks or subscribe directly to a feed of my Diigomarks using the sidebar to the right of the page. Feedback on this is appreciated!

You can see, I use Diigo A LOT. I’ve posted previously about Diigo’s bookmarking and annotation service, but I must say, again, that I feel it’s truly a gem of the social internet! I love the toolbar, (alas, I’m, using Opera at the moment, so I must settle for the bookmarklet) the annotation features are killer, and the “blog this” option has been a huge time-saver for me. I’ve had a few issues, as with the Auto-Post, but I think it’s great that when I need help and cannot find an answer in the forums, I get a personal response from the Diigo crew. I can handle growing pains If I know I’m being helped. My only suggestion for them would be to take care of the lag on their server. The load times off their site can be extruciating.

I believe that this is what the social internet should be: customizable web applications + community + live people behind the app. Despite a few minor annoyances, Diigo embodies all of these. Great job guys!

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