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A Ton of Posts I’ve Saved But Haven’t Had Time to Blog About Yet

Posted by telecommatt on February 25, 2007

I save stuff ALL THE TIME. I’m like an information packrat. That’s one of the reasons I keep this blog, so I can categorize, save, and share all the neat stuff I find online. My biggest regret about this blog is that I don’t have time to post all the stuff I save. And I hate just posting someone else’s article. I believe that, as a blogger, I should be adding my own context to what’s there. Regardless, I’m cleaning out my folders and posting what I find. Enjoy!

The New York Times rounds up ways to opt out of solicitations online, from junk snail mail, to telemarketing calls, to Doubleclick web site ad cookies.
Here’s a quick list of each type of opt-out:Phone solicitations: donotcall.govJunk snail mail: Direct Marketing AssociationEmail: “Whatever you do, do not respond to an unsolicited e-mail message when it gives you the option to opt out of receiving more e-mail. That is a trick used by spammers to confirm they hit a live address.”Credit card offers: OptOutPrescreen.comDoubleclick ad cookies: Ad Cookie Opt-outLexis Nexis public database: Opt Out of Lexis Nexis
Lastly, the Center for Democracy and Technology offers printable forms for companies that don’t have an online opt-outs available. — Gina TrapaniDon’t Call. Don’t Write. Let Me Be. [NYT]

You’ve got to check this out! What do YOU do with your old worn out pens?

The Web Developer’s List of Resources

This is seriously the biggest list of webdev stuff I’ve ever seen!

Reader Charles was looking for a way to stream his music library via Netvibes, his preferred RSS reader. When he couldn’t find one, he mashed up a solution using SlimServer. Now he can stream his MP3s from any web-connected PC!
To do likewise, you’ll need a free Netvibes account, the free SlimServer software and about 15 minutes to follow Charles’ configuration instructions. They’re very clear, though I had trouble getting SlimServer to work properly on my machine (probably owing to a router problem). If you have better luck, tell us about it in the comments. This looks like a very cool method for accessing your music library from any remote computer. Of course, you could always try Avvenu. — Rick Broida

Netvibes + SlimServer Mashup = All Your MP3s Anywhere, In Any Browser

Learn something new with this incredibly rich list of free online education resources from autodidactic blogger Jimmy Ruska.
There are course offerings here from the likes of MIT, Notre Dame, and Carnegie Mellon; as well as links to free online documentaries, language classes, free software for students, reference sites, etc. We’ve blogged about free online education before at Lifehacker, and this list is definitely a welcome addition. — Wendy Boswell
Massive Resource List for All Autodidacts []

Many people dream of starting their own business, but few have the know-how to start a successful one. The Small Business Administration offers a selection of podcasts designed to teach you the basics.
The site currently hosts nine podcasts, with more planned for the future. Current topics include “Check List for Starting a Business,” “Selecting a Business That Fits” and “Financing a Small Business.” If you’d rather read than listen, the site also offers Word-formatted transcripts of the podcasts. However you choose to absorb the info, it’s decidedly worthwhile stuff for the budding entrepreneur. — Rick Broida

SBA Podcasts [U.S. Small Business Administration via Dumb Little Man]

The Sound Money Tips weblog has put together a guide for successfully snagging a bank loan.
The basic thesis is that you need to be prepared, which is obvious enough. What won’t be obvious to the first-time borrower is how to best prepare, but the post goes into excellent detail on what kind of research you should have done before you go in to meet with your bank. If you’re looking for a bit of cash (mortgage, small business loans, etc.), these tips should give you a really good starting point. If you’ve successfully secured a loan in the past, share your experience and tips in the comments. — Adam PashTips on Bagging a Bank Loan [Sound Money Tips]

i386 platforms only: Boot Linux from a CD with the new Fedora 6 Zod live distro from Red Hat.
The Fedora 6 live CD includes Linux 2.6.18, the GNOME 2.16 desktop environment and a wealth of tools and applications. The advantage of a live CD, of course, is that it lets you fully experience the OS without actually installing anything on your hard drive. It also makes for an awesome system-recovery tool.
The free Fedora 6 live CD is distributed as an ISO file; you’ll need a program like Nero or ISO Recorder to burn it to a blank CD. For now the program requires an i386-based PC (i.e., a Windows or Linux box). — Rick Broida

Announcing the Fedora 6 Zod live CD and live CD tools [Red Hat]

Want to take Linux for a spin? Forget partitions, dual-boot setups and live CDs: The new Ubuntu Windows installer lets you run the Linux distro while keeping the rest of your system intact.
In other words, it’s like a live CD without the CD. Just run the installer, which in turn downloads a disk image of Ubuntu (actually, your choice of four Ubuntu distros), and then reboot your PC. Choose the desired boot option from the menu that appears, and presto: You’re running Linux. This is a working prototype, not a finished product, so user beware. It didn’t work on my Vista box (I discovered after the fact that Vista isn’t supported yet), but it ran like a gem on an XP system. Great way to run Ubuntu without the hassles of partitioning or burning a live CD! — Rick Broida

Ubuntu Windows installer prototype

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