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BBC NEWS | Technology | Burgers paid for by mobile phone

Posted by telecommatt on February 27, 2007

BBC NEWS | Technology | Burgers paid for by mobile phone

Visitors to fast food outlets in Japan will soon be able to pay for their burgers with their mobile phones.

Wow, I love it! Just in time for my stint with JET, assuming I make the cut! This would be bigger news to me if I ate McD’s more than once or twice every six months. Anyone else get that “bleh” feeling the rest of the day after consuming McDonald’s grease disguised as a burger or fries?

Really, though, this is cool news. It’s cool because mobile phones are becoming more and more woven into the fabric of our social existence. We don’t just talk on them anymore. I never run out of minutes, but I’m constantly charging my phone because I am connected to the internet so often. Mobile Java apps are no longer just games, they interact with our lives. Some people are resistant to this level of connectivity, but I, obviously, am excited by it. This just the tip of what we can accomplish with the internet, with wireless access, with connectivity. As cliche as it sounds, it’s bringing the world together. You can bet the first thing I buy when I get to Japan (No, it’s not going to be a McDonald’s burger!) is a mobile phone.

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