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ZINK: Printing Without Ink (TreeHugger)

Posted by telecommatt on March 8, 2007

ZINK: Printing Without Ink (TreeHugger)

A company called ZINK recently demonstrated a new way of printing that does not require ink (see video). Unlike the existing technologies that use thermal printheads to transfer color to paper, the new media has the color embedded in it,

This is a great product with a lot of potential! It’s really aimed a photo printing. You’d probably never print your sales report on this stuff. Still, those photo ink cartridges use a ton of ink. If you’re an amateur photographer, you’re going through dozens of ink cartridges a year. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone involved (meaning the whole global ecosystem thing, not just the buyers and sellers) if you could just purchase the photo paper with the ink already there? Sounds like the watercolor books I got as a kid where you just dipped your brush in water and the paint was already on the page. That’s pretty much what happens here, except with Zink it’s heat that’s applied to color crystals. Cool, I never got to play with color crystals as a kid!

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