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My take on tea, technology, and our environment Fish are up to their gills in mercury

Posted by telecommatt on March 9, 2007 Fish are up to their gills in mercury

So much mercury has accumulated in fish that there should be a worldwide public warning about eating seafood contaminated by the dangerous heavy metal, says a report summarizing the latest scientific evidence on global mercury pollution.

Wow, this sucks! I love seafood! My father being an excellent seafood cook, I grew up on a healthy (or so I thought) dose of grilled swordfish, seared ahi tuna, homemade lobster bisque at Christmas, and all sorts of similar dishes. I’d like to think that the vast amounts of mercury I must have ingested by now have not done too much damage to my poor brain, but judging by how often the little spell check thing has shown up on my screen today, I’m starting to wonder. You know, I always thought I’d get to share my father’s seafood recipes with my kids, but now I’m starting to wonder if I should. It’s a saddening thought indeed! It’s all just as well, I suppose, since there will be no more seafood to speak of by 2050 anyhow.

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