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No-Plastic Rally in Darjeeling – Darjeeling Cuppa

Posted by telecommatt on March 21, 2007

No-Plastic Rally in Darjeeling – Darjeeling Cuppa – A Tea Blog

No-Plastic Rally in Darjeeling

Good news for Darjeeling and its environment. In fact, I was very happy to hear about the rally which was a part of the plastic ban campaign. For years, people have been using plastic bags while shopping and was literally littering the place and polluting the environment. I am glad that people along with politicians have opened their eyes and stressed on the hazard that would tumble down. It’s always best to avoid than let it happen. The ban would come into effect from March 8 and according to the Darjeeling Municipality and the police, a Rs. 100 will be fined if anyone is found using plastic bags or littering using the same.

Benoy, of Darjeeling Cuppa, has posted some insightful comments here, of which I am grateful. I happened on this post on his blog and thought that it was news worth sharing. This is a brilliant success both for the people of Darjeeling and for all of us. Plastics are a real big problem! Everywhere I’ve traveled, I’ve seen the same. Europe, Central America, here in the US, it doesn’t matter where you go. My own pantry is full of large plastic bags filled with smaller plastic bags that I need to take in to be recycled. Full bags! And I always ask for paper instead of plastic! So I say hats off to Darjeeling for this!

2 Responses to “No-Plastic Rally in Darjeeling – Darjeeling Cuppa”

  1. Benoy said

    Thanks for spreading the news friend, its really essential and hope the people open up their eyes and voice a similar cry so that our world could be much greener with less disasters and a healthier environmet. These plastics had been a major catalyst in the annual landslides that Darjeeling experiences – hope this move would make god signal “no more landslides in Darjeeling!”

  2. […] wrote a short piece at another blog recently about legislation passed by the district of Darjeeling banning the use of […]

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