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Matt’s Cuppa Interviews KushCash

Posted by telecommatt on March 29, 2007

Do you KushCash? If you haven’t been asked yet, chances are you will soon. KushCash is the hip alternative to PayPal mobile. Think of it like being in the VIP section of the mobile payments sector. But don’t think of Kushcash as the new kid. They’ve been doing mobile payments since before PayPal went mobile. I’ve seen KushCash in action and it’s pretty slick. The sign up is quick and the interface is very attractive and intuitive. It’s just a nice pleasant application to use. I can understand why they can boast such a loyal user base. Kushcash’s Kevin Malone spent some time telling me about their loyal and growing user community, what they’re doing to save the planet, and how they are going to change the social structure of the world. Many gigabytes of thanks to Kevin and the KushCash team!

KushCash Site Shot

# I know that KushCash has been around for a decent amount of time now. I read that you first fired up the engines in 2005. How did it all begin? There always seems to be a good story behind a successful startup. What’s the KushCash story?

Frustration! It started back in 2004, as a combination between unfair banking fees and the expediency, or more likely the lack thereof, when founder and CTO, Jeppe Dorff had to transfer $400 to a friend in Europe, the process required him to show 2 types of ID AND his passport. So he had to commute back and forth from his residence and the whole transfer took approx 1 ½ hours to be posted in the banks system, and an additional 5 days to reach Europe! Jeppe wished that he had a just-as-secure but easier method to send and receive money

# Right now the mobile payment space is a lot more crowded that it was when KushCash first began. Has your vision or mission changed as other players entered the market space? Do you feel that there is more competition now, or do you feel that you’re able to differentiate yourselves enough from other players to retain your market niche?

Our competitors would like everybody to think that KushCash is exactly the same product, but there is more to a company than the actual product, there is also the aspect of cultural behavior behind it. We do not “buy” corporate culture, we develop it ourselves. Our vision is the same; we are a web “2.5” community made by the members for the members.

# What is your market niche exactly? Who is your audience and what needs to they have? What is it that KushCash can do to meet those needs that no one else out there can do? Do you think your audience has changed as KushCash as grown?

The audience has certainly grown, but while our member base has been going though rapid growth, almost exponentially, we are allocating more and more resources to enhance our dialogue with the members and provide them with the features that they request. Our typical member spends 30 minutes a day on the website whether through their cell phone or on the web, and are between 18-26 y/o.

# Corporate values are becoming more and more important to consumers in the wake on Enron and then again with the recent coverage of global warming concerns. What are core values are important to KushCash? Are there any social, political, or environmental issues that KushCash as a company feels strongly about?

Well, KushCash is actually working with several minor and major non-profit charities in order to spread the word of social responsibility, one of those being the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots, non-profit, environmental organization that works to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches. We have other social non-profits that we are currently working with and will be making announcements soon.

# What’s the future of KushCash? Where does KushCash see the mobile payments space in five years? Where does KushCash see itself five years from now?

We’ll continue our fantastic growth and ensure that members from all segments of life will always have access to funds, so that we can change the social structure of the world. I think there will be many changes to the m-payments sector over the next couple of years, we’ll see RFID/NFC systems appear, and are ready for it. Consumers will have all their necessary information at hand at all times, including their wallet. We have so many developments coming – it’s an exciting time to be KushCash!

To add a final thought, Kevin, in his most recent email, forwarded me the link to their referral program called Spare Change. As the site puts it, refer friends and make cash! You can also find more information on some of the charities that KushCash has partnered with here.

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