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Microblogging with Twitter

Posted by telecommatt on March 30, 2007

I saw this on another blog and thought the idea was pretty neat. The guy uses his Twitter RSS feed to keep readers up on what he’s up to at the moment. It’s a workaround really. Evidently, none of the actual Twitter badges work on blogs. Not that any of you really need to know what I’m up to every moment of the day, but I’ve decided to copy his idea and use Twitter to microblog. I think we’ve all had the occasional thought throughout the day that we wanted to tell someone about, but let it go because it was too much work to open up an email or dial a phone number. (Well, maybe it’s just me…) I’m still not a convinced twitter-addict, but I can certainly see the value in sharing a thought with my audience with a simple text message. So, if you look in the upper corner of my left sidebar, you’ll see my Twitter feed. Be sure to check there for my most brilliant thoughts, the crispest news, or what I’ve just eaten for breakfast!

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