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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/31/2007

Posted by telecommatt on March 31, 2007

Curry Rice

    How To Green Your Electronics (TreeHugger)

      You Are What You Watch: Online Video and TV Channels – Pyro.TV

      • Pretty cool site. Video site that lets you save channels and keep video clips in a Journal. The site also lets you download or link to the embedded video. These are vodcast-type video’s from places like Rueters, CNET, and others. Some pretty good stuff. The site is fast loading and the layout it clean. I like it!
         – post by telecommatt

      Organize your home by adding “stations” – Lifehacker  Annotated

        Professional organizer Lorie Marrero says that the secret to effective home organization is having “stations”–one for communication, one for administration and so on.

 – Project Energy: Ex-Greenpeacer Supports Nuclear

            MoMB: Talkr

            • Is this a way to set up quick free conference calls?
               – post by telecommatt

            garage: maemo-todo: Project Info

              2 Responses to “Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/31/2007”

              1. telecommatt,

                Yep… we hope this is the easiest way in the world to set up free conference calls.

                I’ll hopefully get around to publishing the latest news on our blog, but we’ve got a couple of VOIP phones (1 cordless and 1 speakerphone) that let you participate in Talkr conf calls using a phone, if a headset is not something you like…

                I think the cordless VOIP phone is US Robotics, bought at CompUSA but I’ll get all the details together and post them…

                THX for the interest
                The Talkr Team

              2. Roger,

                Thanks for the taking the time to post your comments. Talkr looks like it has a lot of potential, and it fills a business need for me right now. Looking forward to playing with the service. If you put together details on the hardware you mentioned, please post them here, or contact me.



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