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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/06/2007

Posted by telecommatt on April 6, 2007

Monterey County Herald | 04/04/2007 | Japan’s cars greenest, U.S. cars dirtiest, report says  Annotated

    Japanese automakers are driving Americans toward a cleaner environment, while their U.S. counterparts are producing cars and trucks ranked among the worst when it comes to smog emissions and global warming, according to a report released Tuesday by an environmental group.

      The simplest CMS you’ll ever use @ Pagety  Annotated

      • Seems pretty simple, just like it says. Hosting + CMS. Seems to give you the ability to control most aspects of your site. My only question is, if you’re geek enough with includes, css, javascipt, etc., why not just get a dedicated host and use something like Mambo?
         – post by telecommatt
      Pagety is somewhere between a CMS and a hosting platform.
      Actually, it’s both a CMS and a hosting platform, because there’s no need to separate the two. – Report: Al Qaeda-Linked Group Attempted to Assassinate Dalai Lama – International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News  Annotated

        Security forces surrounding the Dalai Lama have been increased after reports that an Al Qaeda-linked terror group attempted to assassinate the spiritual leader.

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