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Matt’s Cuppa Tech Tip: Get Rid of Stuck Print Jobs

Posted by telecommatt on April 7, 2007

Here’s a Matt’s Cuppa tech tip from the website. Ever get a print job that gets “stuck?” You can’t delete it, you can’t get the thing to print, you’ve reset the printer and restarted the PC and it still is just sitting in your print queue? Next time this happens, open a command prompt and type NET STOP SPOOLER. Wait for the to complete the task, then type NET START SPOOLER. Once it’s completed the task, it’ll either cancel the job from the print queue or send the job to your printer, where you can cancel the job from your printer’s memory. Sweet little tip. You can find the original post here. Matt’s Cuppa Annoyance Warning: This site has popups.

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One Response to “Matt’s Cuppa Tech Tip: Get Rid of Stuck Print Jobs”

  1. Ryan said

    I cant believe i’ve been living with this problem ever since i owned a computer and i didnt know i could fix it!!!!

    thanks so much

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