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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/09/2007

Posted by telecommatt on April 9, 2007

ScienceDaily: Sugar Could Power IPods, Cell Phones And Other Electronics More Efficiently  Annotated

    Science Daily Juicing up your cell phone or iPod may take on a whole new meaning in the future. Researchers at Saint Louis University in Missouri have developed a fuel cell battery that runs on virtually any sugar source — from soft drinks to tree sap — and has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium ion batteries, they say. » Sustainable Cuppas: Kenya Tea Goes Climate Friendly  Annotated

        NAIROBI – As the world tries to climate-proof everything from cars to factories, your cup of tea may be about to become a bit more environmentally friendly.

          Welcome to Simplifythis  Annotated

          SimplifyThis is an intuitive web-based service to easily invoice your customers and get paid faster online.
          No more forgotten invoices, no software to install and no help manuals to read. Use this from home, from the library, or from any other computer on the internet.

            Open Source Templates | Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates  Annotated

              Welcome to the best free css and xhtml open source template design showcase where the community gets to pick the best designs to be showcased on the front page.

                Comparison of online savings accounts – Lifehacker  Annotated

                  The money savvy Get Rich Slowly blog has written up a quick and dirty comparison article on eleven different online savings accounts, from Countrywide to ING Direct.

                    11 Tips to Ensure a Successful Web Design Process.  Annotated

                      But if you hire designers, following the tips below will go a heck of a long way towards ensuring the design process is smooth and the quality of the designs will be very high.

                        Manage and sign off documents online with Online Sign Off – Lifehacker  Annotated

                          Web site Online Sign Off attempts to surpass the arduous back and forth of contracts, agreements, and document approval by moving the process into the online realm.

                            Mix your own ringtones with Myxer – Lifehacker  Annotated

                              Make, mix, and share your own customized ringtones and wallpapers with Myxer, an easy to use site that offers you the chance to not only spin your own ringtone from your own music, but invites you to browse their sizeable catalog for material as well.

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