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Discovery Channel Discovering Green

Posted by telecommatt on April 10, 2007

Discovery to Start Channel Focusing on Green Movement – New York Times

Discovery Communications, the cable channel operator, plans to start a 24-hour channel focused on eco-friendly living, as part of a push into the rising environmental movement.

The company, based in Silver Spring, Md., will next year rebrand its Discovery Home Channel with a name that has not been selected but will reflect its position as the centerpiece of an initiative called PlanetGreen.

In addition to the cable channel, which will be carried initially in 50 million homes, other Discovery outlets including its flagship Discovery Channel will carry documentaries and other programming highlighting the new green lifestyle channel, said the chief executive, David M. Zaslav.

The cynical part of me says that this is part marketing ploy and part bandwagon adoption, but in the end, I don’t suppose it matters what the motivation is as long as they get their viewers on board and invested in going green. I know first hand how loyal Discovery’s viewers are from three years selling cable television. People out there will pay $20 or more for the next higher package just to get three more channels on the DIscovery network. It’s quality programming and I sincerely hope they can take the eco-message to the next level.

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