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‘Getting Things Done’ In 60 Seconds

Posted by telecommatt on April 12, 2007

‘Getting Things Done’ In 60 Seconds

If you’re like most educated technical types, you’ve heard of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD) productivity concepts, but don’t use them.

And I think I know why: 1) you’re too busy to study a whole book on productivity; 2) it might not work for you anyway; and 3) deep down you really don’t want to change how you work.

Am I right?

This is a really great 1 Minute Manager style intro to GTD methodology. For those that don’t know, I’m a GTD convert and I publicly swear by it. Even if time management sounds as entertaining as doing the dishes, please read this article. And try it. I didn’t think I really was that inefficient with my time management until I started using GTD. Now, I may not be ultra efficient, but at least I’m aware all the demands on my time and brain for any given day.

What I really like about Elgan’s article specifically is that he brings up the “Today” list. This was the first mod I made to Allen’s methodology and I’ve not seen anyone else talk (type) about it yet. I found that I felt very uncomfortable without a list of tasks that absolutely had to be done today. And even though I was regularly reviewing all my open tasks, I was always wondering if there was something I was missing. You know, that it’s-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue feeling?

I originally was using index cards, as Allen suggests in his book. Being a geek, I quickly found this to be too cumbersome and turned to the web to store my tasks and projects. I found 30Boxes to be a great tool because it combines a calendar and a rather healthy to do list in one free, mobile accessible web app. I still use 30Boxes for my calendar, but I recently moved my lists to Remember the Milk (RTM). The reason? It automatically creates your Today list for you. Perfect!

I’ll cover how I set up RTM to GTD more in depth a little later. In the meantime, read the article. And buy the book. Actually, you can buy the book right here by clicking the Add to RightCart button below.

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