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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/15/2007

Posted by telecommatt on April 15, 2007

SQL Server Reference Guide > Becoming a DBA

    Database Journal: Daily Database News, Information and Tutorials for the Database Professional

    The Simple Dollar » Ten Financial Reasons To Turn Off Your Television – And Ten Things To Replace It With

      Spring-cleaning for your financial house | 1 | Money Magazine  Annotated

      • Good info about fixing up your finances. And another project for me to add to my lists.
         – post by telecommatt
      Five simple strategies will get your financial papers organized. Now’s your chance to end the chaos forever.

        Top hurricane forecaster calls Al Gore a gross alarmist –  Annotated

        • I cannot believe how outspoken and negative this guy is being about Gore and his message. Gore’s message may not be perfect, but so what? It’s calling attention to a problem we’ve been ignoring for 20 years. And if Gore is completely wrong about the cause and calamity of climate change, so what? Even if the world as we know it IS NOT about to end, at least we’re making the world a better and healthier place for our children. That’s enough for me to care about using less gasoline and getting rid of my incandescent lightbulbs.

           – post by telecommatt

        NEW ORLEANS — A top hurricane forecaster called Al Gore “a gross alarmist” for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

        “He’s one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he’s doing a great disservice and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” William Gray said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, where he delivered the closing speech.

          Nate Grondin – A Blog for Teachers » Blog Archive » Schools should use  Annotated

          • I have to say that I agree here. We just had six schools close locally due to lack of funding. The amount of money that schools would save if they switched to open source software would be significant, I’m sure. Can we really expect our world to get any better if we can’t afford to educate our children?

             – post by telecommatt

          School districts should switch to instead of paying all that money for MS Office. I use Writer as my main word processor, and it does everything I need it to do. School districts must pay somewhere between $50 and $100 for MS Office for each and every computer in the school.  Every time the school replaces those computers (usually every 2-4 years), there will probably be a “new” version of MS Office that has tons of “new” features that no one will use, but the school district will still pay for.    This adds up to a lot of money.

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