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Sustainability topics via podcasts/ video documentaries

Posted by telecommatt on April 20, 2007

Sustainability Podcasts

This post also comes via the Greenleap email list. The site hosts an impressive list of podcasts on environmental issues. There is a lot of great material here. It’s definitely worth checking out. As the message states, please pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

People like to get their information in different ways through different media . With new web initiatives, like You Tube and podcasting, there has been an explosion of creativity on the web. Over the last year The Natural Edge Project has found a number of really interesting sustainability podcasts and video documentaries , many of which are freely available online. The Natural Edge Project has created a new web page of these podcasts. ( ) The web page includes podcasts that were chosen to appeal to a broad audience . Hence it includ es Leonardo Di Caprio’s first global warming doc o , the latest ABC TV Catalyst program’s segment on the future of cars, and amazing footage explaining the threat of climate change filmed as far back as 1958 .

Also the web page features a number of ABC’s 4 Corners shows that relate to sustainability issues. ABC 4 Corners is now creating more in depth online video streamed versions of some of their shows on sustainability issues like climate change and Australia’s urban water crisis. As more and more of Australia’s cities face higher water restrictions, the issues raised in the 2005 ABC 4 Corners program “City Limits: Australia’s Urban Water Crisis” are just as relevant today. These are also featured on this new TNEP web page.

We will keep updating the web page with new and interesting podcasts such as this one by Dennis Meadows talking about a 30 year update he and colleagues did of the Limits to Growth book . ( ( )

We would be most grateful if you could please pass this web link onto anyone you feel would be interested. If you find good , freely available , online sustainability podcasts, documentaries, lectures or footage, please send it to me and The Natural Edge Project will review it and consider adding it to this web site,


Mike Smith

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