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Yakking in the Air

Posted by telecommatt on April 21, 2007

Anyone else hear the story about Air France and a new test allowing passengers to use their cell phones in flights? Caught this on Buzz Out Loud podcast. Supposedly, they’ll be doing a six month test where, for the first three months you’ll be able to text message inflight, and the last three months you’ll be able to make voice calls inflight. My quick opinion? (Just in case you were going to ask) Personally, I don’t want someone who is almost sitting on my lap since I’m in coach yapping on a cell phone with their elbow in my ear. You notice that people who talk on their mobile always talk louder than normal? And if someone else is talking around them, they talk even louder? Would you really want to sit on a transatlantic flight with the people on either side of you competing with each other to talk about absolutely nothing that can’t be talked about in four hours when you land? No thanks!!

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