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Have you seen any nuclear material?

Posted by telecommatt on May 12, 2007

news @ – Have you seen any nuclear material? – Pakistan places advertisements regarding ‘misplaced’ isotopes.

A Pakistani public information campaign about what to do if you stumble across stray radioactive material is raising hairs on the necks of Western arms control experts.

Anyone else find this disturbing? I can’t decide whether this is an OMG or a WTF. I suppose that it’s better someone knows what to do with nuclear material when they find it rather than find it and not know what to do with it?

And for those who read the entire article, I can honestly say it never occurred to me that you can sell yellowcake to a pawnshop!

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2 Responses to “Have you seen any nuclear material?”

  1. munaeem said

    Please add me in your blogroll.

  2. Munaeem,

    After viewing your blog, it appears to be primarily political in nature. Generally, I do not link to or review sites of a political nature, and I am sure that you can understand my reasoning here. What I will do, however, is leave your comment here so that it may be read by others. Thank your for your understanding.



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