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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 06/30/2007

Posted by telecommatt on June 30, 2007 :: Home

    Jaduka – Internet Phone Services, including Web-Initiated Calling and Web-Integrated Phone to Phone Services

    • Seems like a pretty cool service. You get an HTML button and when someone clicks on it, it connects a call between you and them. First 60 minutes are free right now. The ClassAdd product seems really useful. Same sort of thing, except you’re given a disposable phone number that you just turn off when you’re done.
       – post by telecommatt

    No Download Required: 30+ Apps That Are Killing Microsoft  Annotated

    • Microsoft vs. The Web. Zoho Office is still my personal favorite.
       – post by telecommatt
    30+ Apps That Are Killing Microsoft

      Google Reader – Common Questions  Annotated

        Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader:

          Maestro Beta – Love Your Digital Music. On-Demand access to your music at home from anywhere. Entertain your friends everywhere.

          • Remote access for your music
             – post by telecommatt

          Videowebgate portal Live TV center

          • Wow– that’s a lot of online TV! Joost aside, it seems like this site offers the most actual I would-sit-down-and-watch-this content of any site I’ve seen yet.
             – post by telecommatt

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