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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 07/05/2007

Posted by telecommatt on July 5, 2007

invotrak – track your invoices


      Make Me Sustainable :: Sign in

        Kongregate: Play Free Online Games & Upload Your Own

          TwitterGram: Home  Annotated

          • Now you can send tweets your Twitter friends using your voice instead of dealing with the hassle of typing it. Or, well, you could just use your phone and actually call your friends…. naaawww!!
             – post by telecommatt
          A TwitterGram has a title and a small MP3 file. The title explains the gram, it must be no longer than 75 characters, to allow room for the URL of the MP3, which is about 50 characters. The MP3 file may be no larger than 200K, although we won’t reject MP3s that are just a bit bigger than 200K, we’re not saying how much bigger. Also, you may not post more than one TwitterGram every ten minutes. This limit is not strictly enforced, but it will be, at some point, to help keep down TwitterGramSpam. 🙂

            CrossLoop – Simple Secure Screen Sharing

              HP Compaq 2710p tablet PC gets FCC approval – Engadget

              • Not sure about TCC approval, but it gets my approval.
                 – post by telecommatt


              • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this!
                 – post by telecommatt

              2 Responses to “Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 07/05/2007”

              1. Mrinal said

                Hey Matt – thanks for bringing us to your readers. We are a small team so really appreciate that!
                Stay close to our blog – something exciting coming to a blog near you soon 🙂

              2. Mrinal,

                Glad that you found my blog. A large part of why I blog is so that I can share exciting and useful projects like yours. I will certainly keep a watch on your blog. Thanks for the comments!

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