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How My Mom Gets the Grit Off

Posted by telecommatt on July 8, 2007

This is a lifehack straight from my mom. We get a majority of our veggies from Easy Bean Farm, a local CSA. It’s a really cool setup. During the summer months we get a weekly delivery of fresh veggies and greens, and a few good recipes to try with the ingredients of the week. While the veggies are rinsed before they arrive, they often have a bit of soil and grit left over from their trip from the fields. If you’re not careful with your salad, you’ll run into the occasional jarring “crunch” from a left over bit of grit.

I don’t know why, but I hate washing salad greens. It’s time consuming, and I’m not really patient enough. Enter my mother. She’s a very smart lady. Instead of running her greens under the faucet like I’ve been doing all along, she puts them into a bowl and adds enough water to cover the greens. Then she goes off and does something else for a bit. When she comes back, the heavier grit and soil has fallen to the bottom of the bowl. She gives the leaves a little swish to make sure and straggling sand is removed before she takes them out of the bowl. That’s it. Zero effort, less wasted water, (Incidentally, when she does this, she saves the water for her plants.) and cleaner crunch-free salads. Thanks, mom!

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