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Microsoft Patents PC-Based Malware System, Opens Malware Protection Center

Posted by telecommatt on July 18, 2007

Microsoft patents the mother of all adware systems

It’s such a tremendously bad idea that it’s almost bound to succeed. Microsoft has filed another patent, this one for an “advertising framework” that uses “context data” from your hard drive to show you advertisements and “apportion and credit advertising revenue” to ad suppliers in real time. Yes, Redmond wants to own the patent on the mother of all adware.

Okay, this is bad! Windows Vista has already firmed my decision that my next box will run Linux, but can you imagine if something like this was integrated with the next Microsoft OS you purchased? I wouldn’t touch that with a long pole!

The adware framework would leave almost no data untouched in its quest
to sell you stuff. It would inspect “user document files, user e-mail
files, user music files, downloaded podcasts, computer settings,
computer status messages (e.g., a low memory status or low printer
ink),” and more.

In a society where we fast forward through commercials on our DVR’s, where we spend millions annually to remove malignant ad-serving software from our computer’s, where we sued Sony for installing rootkits on our machines when we played CD’s on our PC’s, what is Microsoft doing?? Please show me how this would convince me to buy Microsoft products in the future. I have to ask, WTF?!

Then there’s the whole privacy issue. Seriously, does Microsoft have a right to know how much I spend at the grocery store each month just because I use Microsoft Money to balance my checkbook? (I don’t actually use MS Money, but you get the point.) Taking this into the enterprise level makes this issue even more messy.

Is it just me, or has Microsoft become the big bully on the block who steals everyone’s lunch money and makes the other kids to all of his homework for him?

And in a related story, also from Ars Technica, Microsoft has opened the doors to it’s new Malware Protection Center. Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? I wonder if it’ll show you how to remove this “advertising framework” thing?

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