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Bandits and Brigands of the Internet

Posted by telecommatt on July 20, 2007

I don’t know about you, but this makes my blood run cold. Stuff like this reminds me of the days of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. Not that I’m romanticizing the <insert own expletive here> people who do this sort of crap. More like, haven’t we come any further than the same bandits and brigands on the roads waiting to relieve unwary travelers of their fortunes? Despite the fact that swords have been out of favor in most places for a century or more, and no one robs us on our highways anymore because we’re moving at 65 miles an hour, we still have to worry about being robbed while we’re on the “information superhighway”. (I hate that phrase!) And perhaps the stakes now are even greater. Such threats follow us home and onto our computer hard drives. Where are King George’s men when you need them?? So, now we have bandits and brigands amongst our data taking what they will and holding the rest for ransom. So much for the noble highwayman nowdays!

Some days I feel like I should be running my entire machine using VMWare or Sandboxie.

New trojan says, “Your money or your data” – Download Squad

Trojan horses are a nasty breed. They infect and hide, usually not letting on their presence to the user. One particularly nasty new Trojan is making its unwelcome presence known, and in a rather creative and underhanded way.

Both Sinowal.FY and encrypt a user’s data, leaving in place a text file demanding $300 for a tool to decrypt your precious files. No word on what happens when you contact the culprits, but we can only imagine it’s not a cash and carry sort of deal. Oh brother.

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