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I’d Like a Whopper and that New Bobbie Williams Track, Please

Posted by telecommatt on July 25, 2007

I don’t think it’ll work. But then I didn’t think that renting movies from McDonald’s would work either…

You want fries with that track?

the past few years mega coffee chain Starbucks has been active in
selling music CDs through its stores worldwide, making the most of the
promotional value of the association between its stores and music – and
now it appears that Burger King wants to get into action too. Burger
King has sealed a promotional deal with EMI that will see its Whopper
munching customers in the United Kingdom receiving free and DRM-free
downloads from artists such as Iron Maiden, Robbie Williams and Corinne
Bailey Rae.
The codes will allow BK customers to download free sample DRM-free
MP3 tracks from a BK branded microsite that will allow consumers to try
out and download tracks from a variety of EMI artists. The promotion is
the first launched through a collaboration between EMI and consumer
marketing company VerveLife. So next time you go for a burger make sure
you pack your iPod.

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