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Write A Novel WIth Only Thumbs??

Posted by telecommatt on July 27, 2007

I do A TON of typing on my mobile handset. I often find it easier to tap out a short email on my phone than on my PC. Mostly because I don’t have to wake up my laptop just to answer a question someone has asked me. It’s also a great way to keep emails short and to the point. It’s hard to ramble with your thumbs!

On the other hand, I don’t think you’d ever catch me writing a novel on my handset…I give this guy thumbs up! (Actually, many of my articles are written on my Nokia 770 when I’m riding the bus, but even that is easier than thumbing your mobile keypad for 300+ pages.)


In Brief: Here’s one way to put your cell phone to …

Here’s one way to put your cell phone to good use: write a novel on it, like science fiction writer Robert Bernocco who typed up his 384-page book on his mobile phone, knocking out short paragraphs of his manuscript each day on his commute to work.

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