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Nestle Pure Life – Filtered Water with Added Minerals??

Posted by telecommatt on July 29, 2007

This is my environmental rant for the weekend. I bought a bottle of water at this outdoor festival I was at today. I give the man my money and he comes back with a bottle of Nestle Pure Life purified water. Cool. I’ve never had Nestle Pure Life. I emptied the bottle and, having nothing better to do at the moment, began to examine the bottle wrapper.

Nestle Pure Life

“Pure Life Purified Water Enhanced with Minerals for Taste”. Enhanced with minerals for taste?! So, let’s straighten this out. I’m drinking purified water, which is basically tap water with all the random “stuff” removed. Except that they went back and added some “stuff” to make it taste better. Seriously, I just want some water. If you have to add “stuff” to your “purified water” to make people buy it, there’s something wrong with your water. Go back and try again. Next time I’m bringing my own freaking water.

Nestlé Pure Life product question & answers    Q:    What minerals are used for Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water enhanced with minerals for taste?    A:    We selected a unique blend of minerals that deliver a great taste – Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Sulfate.    Q:    Why can’t I find Nestlé Pure Life Spring Water?    A:    We’ve discontinued the spring water product so we can bring you a great tasting water utilizing a state-of-the-art process called reverse osmosis to filter the water and then enhance it with a blend of minerals that deliver a great taste.

Above is the a portion of Nestle’s FAQ section regarding the “enhanced with minerals” bit. This is just tap water. And they’ve discontinued their spring water so they can focus on bringing you more tap water. Look at all the carbon they produce to manufacture tap water! That’s insane! And now I’m feeling guilty after becoming a part of the problem today. At least I can recycle the bottle. Is the “enhanced” taste worth the environmental impact is creates? Really?

81 Responses to “Nestle Pure Life – Filtered Water with Added Minerals??”

  1. Elaine L said

    Alien in my Water.. Nestle Pur Water Raspberry Flavour

    Back at the end of March 2007 I was drinking the next to last sip of water while on the phone, I spied something in the bottle out of the corner of my eye. When I put the bottle down the “alien” fell to the bottom.. I have pix..
    After finding a phone number for them, speaking to Jennifer.. who said she was soo sorry and would send along some coupons?? .. well at the end of Apr2007.. I called back.. they assured me the coupons were in the mail..I wanted the creature or whatever tested.. I am on medications and did not want an interaction… Dominic R.. assured me they cared.. after I mentioned I called a reporter. They then sent a retrieval person. ( she had no container, no real protocol and no carbon for the paperwork)…. I called agian on May 18th… NOTHING except the Manger.. now said perhaps I dropped a pill in the bottle???
    On the 25th of Jul 2007 I called at 9:30 am and was told no management were in the building. I left a message.. Dominic R called back to say the lab results has just arrived at 5:30 pm the night before… from Guelph university.. they found it to be an amorphous lump?????
    4 months, a university lab and all they give me is an amorphous lump??
    they then offered to up the coupons.. which I never recieved.. I said it was no longer a valid replacement.
    They then washed their hands and passed me to a loss claims adjustor.. R Martin of Matrix?? he called to say he was waiting for a report…

    and here I sit Oct2nd 2007…. NOTHING HEARD>>> my stomach is still nauseated and I still have no idea what was in the bottle.. it was stuck to the bottled behind the label..
    Nestle does not care about it’s customers..
    so I’m not surprised they offer tap water…
    sorry about the rant…

  2. Elaine,

    Thank you for posting. Ugh, that’s horrible! I wonder what the technical description of “amorphous lump” is? I guess that’s one less reason to buy bottled water.

    Hmm…maybe is was part of the “added minerals”!



  3. Alan W Browning said

    I’ve been drinking distilled water from my own distiller, not commercial products, and I feel like superman! No more aches and pains when I bend down and twist to pick up something! No more headaches, no more dizziness! Check out!

  4. John Doe said

    I think you are overreacting.
    Probably was backwash from your own mouth.
    What difference does it make.
    You were not hurt in any meaningful way.

  5. Debbie said

    how can I find out how much sodium is in this water?

  6. Rose said

    I live in Canada and our Nestle Pure Life is spring water, but it tastes like tap.

  7. JAMES said

    The Nestle water is no longer being called spring water because it is not and never was. They have been forced to stop calling it that because it is just tap water.

  8. Tampa, FL said

    Gross, I am no longer going to drink Nestle Pure Life. I jsut finished reading about the 3 ingredients they add to their purified water. At a minimum, my body needs clean water- spring, drinking water- not manufactured chemicals, just clean 100% water. I am upset that they package and sell this water when in all actualityit is not even good for us. Some might dispute the health concerns and I’m sure Nestle has studies showing a large percentage of users are not negatively impacted but this is ridiculous. To add basically 3 types of salt into someone’s water bottle is misleading. It is going to make me reconsider supporting this company and closely evaluating any products I purchase from them, their subsidiaries and affiliates.

  9. joe_Schmoe said

    This is perfectly normal and actually healthy for you. Your body needs the trace minerals that make water “taste good”. I use a reverse osmosis filter at home because I am a purity nut, and I am considering buying mineral additives for taste. With the right combination of minerals your water will enhance the flavor of teas, coffees, and meals you prepare using the water. All this in addition to making you more healthy.

    Adding minerals is a good thing. So is filtering. I think you are overreacting.

    • dre said

      Did anyone ask nestle to add chemicals to my water?,no so how would you as a purity nut like to find out there are more than 3 or different ingredients added!maybe msg and high fructose corn syrup would make it taste better also!

      • Kaligirl said

        Shut your Hole Dre..Just dont drink it then! Dang Shut Up!

      • unamused said

        Distilled water tastes very weird because it has no minerals in it. It can taste like metal. Nestle first distills the water… mostly to remove chlorine and fluoride which are far worse than the Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) that goes back in it.

        Yes your body needs a little salt in the water. Salt is very important to how your body uses water and moves it in and out of your cells. The “chemicals” (minerals) that are in it are not harmful at all.

        My only complaint is the plastic nestle uses.

    • dawnatilla said

      I think you are a gullible stooge.

  10. The Mizzou said

    yeh seriously, do some research on the minerals they are adding. BEFORE going on crazy rants about being hurt from them. i was shocked at first but followed up with a little wikipedia time to get to know the bicarbonate’s and some others. i have to agree on the carbon footprint that industry’s are leaving though. its something that shouldnt be supported if it can be helped at all, until we find a solution for ….well everything. but yeh, do check out some minerals and see what youre doin with them when you ingest them.

  11. I wonder if John Doe or Joe Schmo will respond to my criticism and tell me I’m overreacting when I tell them that the bottled water industry is environmentally unsustainable. You cant argue that fact. Its corporate greed and that’s obvious too.
    Worse – it’s actually killing us. This is an industry which creates a massive amount of pollution that impacts us all everyday and will only get worse as time passes..

    Now Nestle is showing families being healthy and drinking bottled water. They are running TV commercials that show families drinking bottled water while playing outside… Despite all that we are doing to educate folks that their tap water is better for them, and better for the environment. But we dont have the advertising dollars they have…

    Water is a public resource not to be commodified by this EVIL corporation that is polluting the planet with those damn water bottles! Just say No to bottled water. Just say No to Nestle.

    • Kaligirl said

      How about this….Everyone that drinks bottled water and is worried about the planet then recycle. The well water where I live has had a cancer causing chemical that leaked from a plant here into the ground and almost everyone has to drink bottled water for now until the problem is fixed.

      • The child that paid the price! said

        THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE! the point is that “bottle water” should be 100% clean and fresh! “100% spring water” from the earth no chemicals added! That’s the whole f*cking reason we don’t drink tape water. Now i live in Canada and the standard’s here are higher, our nestle water’s is the best quality i’m looking at my package right now it says 100% spring water…under ingredients it just says spring water, ozone thats it and it tastes fresh and when you look at it its all clear!

        I mean you mightest well use a brita filter then, still added chemicals – water should be fresh and clean and nothing to it! Did you know back in biblical times early when creation started people used to live to 900 years old why? simple all they had was fresh air, clean crystal clear water, fresh fruits and vegtables, everything was so untouched no pollution. Believe it or not but it makes total sense!

    • Veronika Jane said

      Say no to tap water as well, depending on whether or not your water supply comes from any fluoridated water source. (Hint: most of them within the U.S. do.) Fluoride has been proven countless times over to calcify and subsequently fossilize your pineal gland in yor brain, rendering it useless and while not irreparable, still not functional. To anyone curious, your pineal glad acts as your body’s way of regulating melatonin (allowing more restful sleep), serotonin (this is your body’s NATURAL way of being happy) as well as many other functions including creativity, higher thinking, and most of your right-brain functions. To be clear, (and I apologize for the lengthy reply, but this is important) the things in your water, if not legitimately from a natural spring source, may likely have neurotoxins like fluoride in them as well. Be informed, be healthy, be happy.

  12. Steven said

    Actually Rob, I can argue that “fact”. No company can truly be sustainable by definition without radical changes in the way people consume and live. And the kind of radical changes the green movement spouses is nothing more than taking socialism and putting a pretty green bow on it.

    Do it for the Earth. Save the Earth. Be Green! It’s really easy to see how people could fall for your mantra. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save the Earth? That’s where your type hooks people.

    You may say “I’m considering the Earth” or “I care about our survival unlike you, you greedy evil bottled water drinker!”. And I really hope you do, but assuming you won’t, and will rather spew more bullshit from your green movement battle cry, I will simply say this. Shut it.

    You aren’t trying to save the Earth. You are trying to force people to consume less, force people to live a lot less comfortably, all in the name of saving the Earth. When in reality our output is so tiny it’s not even remotely near destroying our planet. Furthermore, the bottled water industry’s pollution is already being reduced by bio-degradable products, eco-friendly bottles (such as the ones Nestle uses)and many other techniques to reduce damage.

    Oh, and one other thing, TAP WATER IS NOT BETTER FOR YOU. See? I spelled that out in caps to get people’s attention. And here’s a fact you might not consider me spouting, neither is bottled water. See, neither are healthier for us. They are both the same in many respects. Bottled water often contains less minerals, while tap water often can be polluted and can actually not meet the strict standards the country requires.

    The FDA requires that bottled water be safe, and that it be healthy. While close minded environmentalists like Rob might not like this, Nestle is tap water that’s been purified.

    “Purified water is produced by suitable processes that meet the U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards for purified water, including distillation, deionization (passing water through resins that remove most of the dissolved minerals), or reverse osmosis (the use of membrane filters to remove dissolved solids)” -FDA

    That’s what Nestle water is. So, advertising healthy people drinking it is a great marketing technique. Because, well, it’s just plain common sense. Drinking water is a healthy part of a healthy lifestyle. That includes bottled water.

    I understand your concerns Rob, I really do. But rather than spewing your aging hippie mentality of “down with the man” and “don’t commodisize me bro!” you should be spending your time enjoying your life, and enjoying your ability to CHOOSE tap water over bottled. See, choice is a great thing. You should recognize that before the real “MAN” shuts off your tap supply because maybe you’ve had too much this month. Maybe the UN water czar would like to turn your shower off every month after you meet a “cap” limit.

    I drink bottled water for many reasons. I prefer the taste, I prefer the convenience, and I haven’t fallen over dead yet. In fact, I’ve been great. If I drank tap water, it would be the same. I’m sorry Rob, but your ideal humans are cave men who drive stick cars and eat bugs utopia is all but in your unreasonable and illogical brain.

    You might say I insulted you quite a bit in this rant, and perhaps I have. Perhaps it’s your mentality that tries to destroy choice in favor of scaring people into submission by saying bottled water is killing our planet. Rather than addressing real issues that are threatening our existence. Rather than putting a hand in to solve real issues, or even try to help solve the supposed issue you have with bottled water pollution in landfills.

    No, that would be too hard for someone who wants to control other people’s lives and their ability to say “Hey, I want bottled water today” or “Hey, I want tap water today”.


    • Linda said

      Well said Asshat. You hit the nail on the head! These whacko’s are always saying they’re for “choice,” but only if the choice we make is the same as theirs! I CHOOSE to drink bottled water, and just ordered from Nestle’s. I’m an adult. A grown up who works and pays my OWN bills. I’ll decide what I drink or don’t drink. If I decide I don’t like the taste of Nestle, or the way I feel after a few months, I’ll do what NORMAL people do in a CAPITALISTIC society — I’ll stop using it. If I like it, however, I’ll tell my family & friends about it, and their business will grow.

      • me said

        If they were really for the environment like they say they are, they would lobby the government to legalize hemp. Not marijuana but hemp with has a thc content of 0.00 percent. The amount of paper you produce with 4 acres of trees can be produced with 1 acre of hemp. Plus you can make clothes and foodstuffs with it. And most important of all is fuel. Every single thing that is done with petroleum can be done with hemp oil. This includes plastic but with hemp ut will be biodegradable, Fuel which means both gas and diesel but it burns more efficiently and cleaner and it is a renewable and sustainable energy source. To be quite honest the possibilities are nearly endless. But hemp here in usa is illegal because the corporations paid the money (lobbied) to the government and the greedy bastards accepted.

    • Kaligirl said

      Love it Steven….Thanks….Maybe this will get some people to (Shut it) already…

    • Bonnie Ocean Park, WA said

      Good for you!! Enjoyed your thinking on the issue, well written.

  13. Angela said

    You guys slay me! I am one of the many American citizen’s who actullly does have health issues. I try to make good decisions about what goes in my body. I drink pure life water everday from a bottle. I would really like facts and facts only ABOUT THE PRODUCT. No opinions! Is this bottled water healthy and clean or not? I respect the woman who found something odd in her bottle. She is 100% correct for wanting to know exactly what it was. Give her a break. We all have opinions and need to be heard. I hope we all live healthy lives and are not harmed by the foods and drinks we comsume daily through it’s packing and additives.


  14. SUMAN said

    nestle pure life is good mineral water

  15. John Doe & Joe Schmoe & Ron Campbell said

    We was all done you all wrong with our view on this here water thingy talk, and we done say we done wrong. Sorry we done so wrong thats our fault for being how you say “Moronic waste’s of space.”

  16. Steven said

    L0L noob gtfo my pixels,i own you with my Ags, 2 hit pls hit+veng+hit dead 14m loot pls

  17. Elaine L said

    i found out what is was it turned out to be semen

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  19. Lee said

    Stay Away from NESTLE PURE LIFE! It is the worst kind of bottled water out there. Its says right on the bottle that it is 520ppm. exceeding 500ppm is considered contaminanted water.
    Nestle Pure life is garbage. All they are doing is bottling Guelphs tap/well water. Because there is not government regulation on Bottledwater all they have to make sure is there is not bacteria in the water.
    Drink dasani or aquafina; they are the only types of water which are pure. Its worth it to spend the extra dollar.
    Enjoy your day!!!

    • Linda said

      Sorry, Lee. I prefer Nestle Pure Life. Stay out of people’s lives. Let people make up their own minds after trying it. Dasani got caught using tap water, too, not too long ago, and there were all kinds of problems with it if I’m not mistaken. Also heard things about Aquafina. There’s no PERFECT water unless you move to Chicago, where they have the best TAP WATER in the world. It even beat out a Evian water in a taste test on Oprah Winfrey. I used to live there, and I’ve never had better water in my life…right from the tap…ice cold every time! So….Lee, maybe you should just move to Chicago if you want good drinking water.
      Enjoy YOUR day!

  20. Luke said

    Okay a couple weeks ago my aunt bought a couple of cases of Nestle Pure life. I drank a bottle of it and noticed a wood taste. Turns out the water was contaminated with mildew. Now is that really purified water?

  21. Stop Pollution…

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  22. Ellen McGRath said

    all I want to know is there fluoride in their water……….

    Thanks, Ellen

    • Tyler said

      no there is not. it is purified through reverse osmosis or distillation which removes any fluoride content in the water.

  23. Laundry Soap for Hard Water…

    […]Nestle Pure Life – Filtered Water with Added Minerals?? « Matt’s Cuppa[…]…

  24. Cutie said


    […]Nestle Pure Life – Filtered Water with Added Minerals?? « Matt’s Cuppa[…]…

  25. Debi said

    FYI, Nestle’ Pure Life water comes from the Hillsburgh, Ontario water station. Hillsburgh is a small town, in the country of Wellington County. As I write this message, the community is in the process of protesting Nestle’s application to renew their contract to continue to extract approximately 1.1 million litres/day,365 days/year from our environment!!!
    Nestle’ continues to make millions of dollars at the expense of our environment, our natural resource, more plastic bottles, and approx. 7300 truckloads of diesel fumes/year to transport from the water station!
    Please DO NOT buy bottled water.
    Filter your own from your tap, take a traveller with you wherever you go…………………

  26. Brenda Golden said

    Okay listen folks, I had a water laboratory tech from Culligan come to my house. Before she arrived I marked the bottom of 7 cups #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8. I then poured Nestles water in number one and marked the bottle number 1. Number two cup is Publix brand water, #3 Dasani, #4 Aquafina, #5 Tap water from the well water in my house with no water filter, #6 Fiji, #7 city tap water from a friends house that had a Culligan reverse osmosis system on it that cost 1800.00 installed. #8 was city tap water without a filter. I marked all the water bottles to be consistent with the cups. I then hid the bottles before the tech arrived. She wasn’t expecting me to ask her to test all the different waters. She added all the necessary testers to the waters and as my friends and I stood there and watched we were horrified by the different colors the waters appeared to be. #6 {FIJI} she picked up and said nobody should ever consume this water, its highly contaminated. # 1, [Nestles] #2 Publix, # 7 turned a cloudy orange and she said these three waters will give people stomach problems and they won’t be able to figure it out because its bad water. #8 was so filled with dangerously high levels of chlorine. My water #5 she could tell right away it came from a well and stated that the water had a high iron content and sulfur but that isn’t bad because it came directly from the aqua vein in the earth. AQUAFINA and DASANI were completely free of any waste or bacteria and came out crystal clear. When I showed her the bottles marked consistently with the cups she was very horrified she sent a tech to my friends house immediately to replace their reverse osmosis system. She clearly stated she was quite disturbed by the results of the test. That all of us should switch to Aquafina and Dasani. IF YOU PEOPLE DON’T BELEIVE ME, CALL A WATER TECH and they will be happy to come out and test your water and you can surprise them with my idea by having 8 cups of water on display exactly as I have done and be totally shocked.

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  29. bJohnShaniquattf said

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  30. bilqis said

    You american are so naggy. Really. Some people in the world only have bottled water as their option of drinking water. Some only have well-water as their option of drinking water. Yet they lived longer than you americans. Its your lifestyle, your thoughts, and also your diet, that matter more. Too much mcD huh? Obese people got to go on priority lane? You don’t even look outside of your country. You don’t know what’s happening around the world; yet talk about saving the earth? Your mouth just full of shit. People in my country eat starch and drink clear liquid and they lives. Wow! And nestle pure life is the most expensive bottled water here so that you know, your bad water is our luxury!

    • Sharon said

      How are you on the internet if this country is this poor? By the way, screw mcd, they sell chemicals to people who are willing to lead an obese lifestyle. Im not saying they’re wrong for wanting to be unhealthy, but, at least make sure what you’re eating, and Especially feeding to your kids, isn’t filled with wood pulp and chemically treated to cause cancer.

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  32. Usman said

    My baby is 3 month old. And she is going to visit pakistan for the 1st time. I was just wondering. If Nestle mineral water is suitable for my baby. I want to know about the sodium level.

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  35. shawnmarie said

    If you think that spring water is mineral free, you’re wrong. There are trace minerals in water and, furthermore, your body needs trace minerals. I actually switched TO Nestle because they consistently receive good marks. I live in an old apartment that has a lot of problems, including problems with the plumbing, and our water is nasty. A Brita filter does nothing. Even using it for coffee is an issue when it comes to taste. Here is a great resource for those who feel they must drink bottled water – there is actually a scorecard for 173 different brands. Oh, and not that it solves the problem but at least it takes up less space – when you’re done with the bottle, squish it down into a ball and screw the cap on, then recycle!

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  37. Skip William said

    Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate and Magnesium Sulfate are all forms of salt. Just what we need in our diets, more salt. So much for “pure life.”

  38. unamused said

    Distilled water tastes very weird because it has no minerals in it. It can taste like metal. Nestle first distills the water… mostly to remove chlorine and fluoride which are far worse than the Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) that goes back in it.

    Yes your body needs a little salt in the water. Salt is very important to how your body uses water and moves it in and out of your cells. The “chemicals” (minerals) that are in it are not harmful at all.

    My only complaint is the plastic nestle uses. It leeches into the water.

  39. shannon said

    it most definitely contains flouride if not also, chlorine-I am deathly allergic to both-4 sips of the water up me into hives in my throat and mouth-any more may have killed me-as the same with aquafina and dasanti-only the safeway brand water can I drink-what does that tell the public about labeling truths? and yest, I did email Nestle and complained, no answer as of yet

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  42. systemofyears said

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    • dawnatilla said

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  48. Harvey Gelder said

    Incredible! Nearly 200,000 people have signed the petition to Nestlé, and our message is getting out!

    Around the world, tens of thousands of people are learning of the horrific consequences of Nestlé’s relentless profiteering, and we want to make sure that Nestlé can’t hide by bringing in thousands more.

    emailShare this campaign with your friends on Facebook.
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    Right now, the most important thing you can do is help spread the word. Nestlé is able to suck up local groundwater because it knows there aren’t any large-scale, organized protests against its actions. Nestlé can simply buy off decision-makers and ignore any local protests, secure that its brand will remain intact. But the more people that know where “Pure Life” comes from, the harder it will be for Nestlé to market its dirty water.

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  52. healthy0 said

    I get Arrowhead spring water delivered to my door every month. I went through one bottle of water and just noticed that it’s not spring water. The label says it’s enhanced with minerals. I’m so angry right now. Strangely enough, I recently ordered a Culligan faucet water filter . I think I’m going to cancel my water delivery service.

  53. Kim said

    Ummm duh you need those minerals drinking water with no minerals is very bad for you also to the people saying its just tap water yes yes it is actually our local plant apparently gets its water from Dallas municipal water supply i dont find this a problem we buy this water because its the only one that doesnt taste disgusting ane because our tap water in town randomly turns yellow water company says it is perfectly safe and caused by access iron in the water no way am i drinking thay not only does it randomly turn cloudy or look like pee and i feel like i am drinking pennies or alternativly very strong clorinated pool water but it makes my throat sore and my stomach nauseous for hours after drinking it. Funny how nestle pure life doesnt. You know you can actually die from drinking too much water without minerals sure it is a great detoxifier short term bit long term only drinking it can deplete you of magnesium, sodium, amd electrolytes.

  54. Carrie Baker said

    I am allergic to sulfer. Why do you put this in your water? I have a hard time buying water and ours is nasty. I brake out in a rash when I drink the wster.

  55. Miranda said

    No 7-11 or turkey hill

  56. Darla said

    I purchased a case of Nestle’s purified water with enhanced minerals and after testing with my indicator to test the water quality it showed a positive reading which means it is not purified filtered water. I purchased another brand of filtered water and after testing this (a no name brand) it show no warning signal for unfiltered chemicals etc.

  57. James Mcarthy said

    Do research before you blog like this. Tap water contains a multitude of unknown and variable differences depending on where you go. These bottle companies remove the majority and then replace it with these minerals you apparently loathe. Little do you know it’s not exactly for taste. Pure distilled water is actually no is DEFINITELY bad for your health as it will, to simplify for your deadbrained post, sap the vitamins and minerals from your bloodstream. It’s not that hard to search “Is pure water good for me?” And do some scientific digging…

  58. I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this website. I really hope to see the same high-grade content from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own, personal site now 😉

  59. Kristina said

    If you want their spring water it’s called Arrowhead, and it tastes like dirt.

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