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More On Unlocking Your Car Without Your Keys

Posted by telecommatt on August 2, 2007

Reader Shoshi point this story out. I’ve done a little reading on the whole RFID debate. Will it be something that makes our lives easier, or will governments and corporations use it to track everything we do? Honestly, I’m not sure which side I fall on, so, I will quote CNET’s Molly Wood, and stand firmly on the fence on this issue. For now, using a large needle to shoot something the size of a grain of rice under my skin does not appeal. Yes, a grain of rice is very small, but when you have to inject a grain of rice into your body, suddenly it seems very big. I am perfectly happy carrying my keys with me instead.

High Tech, Under the Skin – New York Times

By inserting the chip, a radio frequency identification device, Mr. Donelson would literally have at his fingertips the same magic that makes security gates swing open with a swipe of a card, and bridge and tunnel traffic flow smoothly with an E-ZPass. With a wave of his hand he planned to log on to his computer, open doors and unlock his car.

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2 Responses to “More On Unlocking Your Car Without Your Keys”

  1. Shoshi said

    For the moment, I will stand firmly on the side of the fence that involves the government (or any smart quack with a computer) not being able to track my every move should I be standing naked in the woods (to be appropriately devoid of all phones, credit cards, and other track-able devices, of course).

    However, should engineers create technology that would allow me to respond to hoards of email at warp speed, teleport instantaneously to avoid my morning commute, or make an endless cup of coffee, I might return to their market.

  2. Over the years, I have developed the perfect system for responding to hoards of email at warp speed. It usually involves hitting the “Delete All” button and waiting for someone to angrily demand to know why I haven’t responded to their email.

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