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More Efficient Firefox Browsing: Drag Your Tab to a New Window

Posted by telecommatt on August 4, 2007

I was doing some editing this morning and going back and forth between two browser windows in Firefox. I can no longer live without a tabbed browser, or Firefox for that matter. But it’s still rather a pain to switch rapidly between just two of your open tabs when you’ve got 8 or 10 tabs open. (Yes, I know you can use CTRL-Tab, but the more tabs you have open, the less reliable this gets. You get delays or you end up in the wrong tab.)

Sometimes I’ll open a new Firefox window and open one of the pages there. But this requires copying the address, possibly logging in all over again. If I could find a more efficient way, I’d use it.

And find one I did. Did you know that if you open two Firefox windows, you can drag tabs between the two windows? Because I didn’t! Now I have more flexibility when I organize my tabs between two open windows. As an added plus, this makes for more efficient browsing, since each window is dealing with fewer open tabs now, overall response time is much better.

Just thought I’d pass this along.

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2 Responses to “More Efficient Firefox Browsing: Drag Your Tab to a New Window”

  1. CJ Byrd said

    You can also add the new window button to your browser and drag the tab over it to just open the tab in a new window

  2. daniel said


    drag the tab to the new window that opens

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