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seeing people in three dimensions

Posted by telecommatt on August 10, 2007

i’m seated at a starbucks in the mall of america for the next hour, since i missed my bus transfer by mere seconds. which is okay. i’d rather be forced to drink mediocre coffee than add more carbon to the air by driving. i was reading an essay by sulak sivarksa on dangers of globalization, but i felt odd reading it sitting in the a mecca of commercialism like the mall of america. this place is also a mecca for people watching. i’m learning to view things around me in three dimensions. this is a perfect practice site. the first dimension is just a point. just the person as you see them in that instant. the second is a line. so you look at what is happening at the same time. what other things are interacting with them in that instant. the third is space. what has affected them in the past and what will affect them. it forces you to look beyond what you see. it’s not to practice making judgements about people. you just observe. you can practice this on yourself too. because we judge ourselves as much as we judge others.

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