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RemoteControlMail Becomes EarthClassMail

Posted by telecommatt on August 11, 2007

I mentioned some time ago and I was really excited by the idea. Imagine being able to sort through your mail from your web browser and receive only the items that you select. What’s even better is that (at least reading) you can have them recycle your junk mail for you.

I received an email from the RemoteControlMail team last week with some news.

This past weekend, Earth Class Mail officially changed its Web domain
from to The new home address
for Earth Class Mail Online Postal Mail Forwarding Service is <>.

Thanks in advance,
Web Team
Earth Class Mail

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2 Responses to “RemoteControlMail Becomes EarthClassMail”

  1. Alan Friedrichsen said

    The concept of ECM is great, but the reality is somewhat lacking. For starters, one thing they don’t tell you up front is that it costs at least $10 per shipment to have a piece of your mail physically delivered to you, even if it’s a single envelope! They refuse to use the USPS to forward mail, insisting on using only couriers that provide item tracking. Thus, their cheapest shipping option, even for a single envelope, works out to about $10 when you include taxes, etc. It’s probably more expensive on the East Coast or the farther you get from ECM’s Oregon sorting facility.

    ECM is clearly targeting customers who receive lots of mail per week and can take advantage of bulk shipments or customers who can get away with reading their mail online and never need to physically receive it. In my case, I need to physically receive a handful of letters per month (legal documents, for instance), so unless I’m willing to wait until the end of the month to get these (which is difficult, since some of them are timely), I have to pay as much as $50/month extra to physically receive my critical mail. Other services forward through USPS for as little as $2/item. ECM needs to do likewise.

    I didn’t find out about this limitation until I received my first critical piece of mail. I was forced to pay $10 to ship that piece of mail, but thereafter, I immediately asked ECM to cancel my account … which they promptly did, but they neglected to tell me until the account was actually cancelled that they would not be refunding any of the months I had already paid in advance!

    Buyer beware.

  2. dave said

    Hey, apparently they are on their way to nz… Take a look

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