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Test Driving JumpKnowlegde

Posted by telecommatt on August 14, 2007

Demo Girl has a great tour of JumpKnowledge that she just posted. I decided to try it out myself. I think it’s great! Actually, it does exactly what I am looking for. Except for one thing. There is a surprisingly large selection of blogs that you can post directly to. WordPress, however, is not on said list. I’m stuck posting a hyperlink to what ever I annotate with JKN. You can view my test annotation here.


Annotate any web page easily with JumpKnowledge

From Demo Girl by demogirl
is a Web annotation too that lets you comment on and share any web
page.  You can add comments next to any text on a page and even
create multiple pages of annotations.  You can then share these
pages with a link, through email, on your blog, or just save them for
yourself.  The only beef I have with JKN
(JumpKnowledge) is that you can’t comment on images.  But
hey, it’s only in beta 2.  Here’s my screencast tour
of JKN:

Flash Demo3m29s

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