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Hold the DRM Please

Posted by telecommatt on August 22, 2007

Good news from  They’re the next major music source to offer DRM-free downloads. So, unlike iTunes, you actually own your music instead of renting it.

Walmart seeks to keep lead – launches MP3 “DRM Free” music downloads

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Aiming to keep its lead in the music retail market, Wal-Mart is launching DRM free MP3 music downloads at
for 94 cents per track and $9.22 per album. The uber retailer’s music
catalog offers digital tracks from major record labels EMI and
Universal. The new MP3 format allows customers to play music on most
devices, including the ubiquitous iPod, iPhone and Zune players.Universal followed EMI in announcing DRM free music
to major retailers but bypassed iTunes, which is in third place behind
Best Buy’s second in the music retail market line-up. This is a good
move for consumers, allowing competition and hopefully provide more
options for the digital music buying public.

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