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Enough with the Twitter Spam!

Posted by telecommatt on August 24, 2007

It started with just a trickle. One or two at a time would appear in my inbox. My first thought was that it was rather clever, though clearly a waste of someone’s time. No way would it catch on. Then, quite suddenly, it became a regular flood. My inbox was filling up with Twitter spam!

Those who’ve read some of my other posts might have caught on that I’m not a heavy Twitter user. And worse yet, I’m rapidly tiring of all this social networking garbage. Twitvertising may very well be the last excuse I need to unhook myself from all things virtually social. It started out simple enough. Twitter user Joe533968 (There’s a lot of Joe’s on Twitter) was now following me on Twitter. I’d look up Joe533968 to see if I wanted to follow him as well. Joe533968’s feed would have a lot to say on the subject of mortgages, and by the way, Joe533968 could get you a great deal on a mortgage too. Now it’s become rather blatant. Twitter user BuyMyUsedSocks is now following me. His profile says that he is following 56,004 people. And he has 3 followers. BuyMyUsedSocks’s feed is nothing but messages stating, “Sale! Buy two socks and get a third for free!” Who on God’s rapidly warming earth is actually going to buy something because they were followed on Twitter?!

Because of the open API, I’m sure there’s a million scripts running at this very moment that are adding people to BuyMyUsedSocks’s list of Follows. I seriously think that this is ruining Twitter. I like the concept of microblogging. I like hearing what my friends are up to every once in a while. For these reasons, I keep my notifications turned on and I diligently check out each new follower I get. But what a sour taste it leaves in the mouth to have 6 of 7 new Twitter followers (Like I did this morning.) trying to sell me something. It’s enough to make me want quit the social scene all together.

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